Why was Chi-Hong Ahn, a ‘pure boy’, momentarily enraged at Choi Choong-Yeon?

Lotte Giants veteran Ahn Chi-hong (32) supervised for 10 years.

On the 15th, in the last at-bat in the top of the ninth inning against Samsung in Daegu, Choi was hit by a fast ball and was taken to the hospital.

An Chi-hong, who started as designated hitter No. 5 that day, 토토사이트contributed to a 9-5 victory with 2 at-bats, 1 hit, 4 balls, and 2 RBIs.

There was a dizzying moment that surprised everyone in the beginning of the ninth inning, leading 8-5. Choi Choong-yeon’s 142km fastball flew toward his head on the 4th pitch to An Chi-hong, who was in the fifth at-bat after one out. Surprised, he let go of the bat, but the ball had already hit An Chi-hong’s right thumb and passed by. Weak and painful areas. A trainer ran to An Chi-hong, who was complaining of pain after collapsing on the ground.

Even in the midst of pain, Ahn Chi-hong, who instantly raised his body and glared at Choi Choong-yeon as if he was angry, could not stand his anger and made a gesture to run to the mound.

But that was it.

Ahn Chi-hong, who quickly found reason under the trainer’s restraint, immediately suppressed his anger.

He was replaced by runner Jeong Hoon, went into the dugout, and was taken to the hospital. Thanks to this, it did not lead to unsavory situations such as bench clearing.

Choi Chung-yeon took off his hat and bowed 90 degrees toward An Chi-hong, who entered the dugout, expressing his apologies.

An Chi-hong, who visited the nearby Gyeongsan Semyeong Hospital, was fortunately diagnosed with ‘no abnormal findings’ as a result of the X-ray. Lotte explained, “The result of the hospital diagnosis was that there was no problem with the right thumb.”

Ahn Chi-hong, a player with a usually gentle and gentle personality. What was the reason why he was enraged even momentarily?

After the opening, all the remaining players are nervous about the serious injuries of the main players of each club.

An Chi Hong is no exception. In addition, there is also a trauma of the past fingers.

On April 18, 2018, when he was a KIA player, he fell down after his left hand was hit by a ball thrown by Wilson against LG in Gwangju. He was immediately taken to the hospital, where a CT scan showed a microfracture of the metatarsal bone on the index finger side of his left hand. At that time, An Chi-hong had returned after 12 days.

At the beginning of this season, fierce matches continued from the beginning amidst leveling of power, and major players suffered major injuries. At least one person is taken out per day. The day before, Park Se-hyeok was hit in the head by a swinging bat and was taken away in an ambulance bleeding.

On this day as well, Samsung Kang Min-ho fell to the ground after being hit on the back of his hand by Na Kyun-an’s ball in the 5th inning. He played through the pain, but was eventually replaced by Kim Min-soo in the 8th inning when Lotte attacked. After being hit by a sand dune and going to first base, Kang Min-ho cheerfully received an apology from former teammate Na Gyun-an by raising his right fist instead of the usual “It’s okay” gesture.

The dizzying kang min-ho’s fingers may have caused An Chi-hong’s momentary misunderstanding.

Kang Min-ho is one of the hottest batters in Samsung recently. An Chi-hong is also a center hitter with good pace recently, posting RBIs in five consecutive games. He also scored 2 RBIs in all at-bats.

Usually, retaliatory throws are made against the team’s key hitter. A situation that could have been misunderstood for a moment in extreme pain and despair that he might have suffered a fracture.

However, An Chi-hong quickly found reason. This is because he was not in a situation where he would deliberately hit, and he was not a good pitcher.

Choi Chung-yeon expressed his apology by putting his hand on the tip of his hat as soon as An Chi-hong collapsed.

Choi Choong-yeon is still struggling to fully recover her balance. He said earlier in the season, “I’m still not even half way through my balance when I’m good. Especially when I throw a fastball, it’s a little more difficult.” The ball that hit An Chi-hong’s thumb was a fastball.

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