Will the world not be surprised if FC Seoul crashes in ‘Final B’, will it change?

FC Seoul. It is a prestigious K-League tradition and the capital’s club with the most fans in the K-League. It is the same club as the face of the K-League.

Fans expect a lot from Seoul like this. Expectations are high, so there are many demands. Not only must the grades be good, but the content must also be good. We have to be a team that is always fighting for the championship. It was a club that had to be first in crowd mobilization.

In addition, fans and experts evaluate them harshly, with more cold standards than other clubs. It is a phenomenon that we have to deal with because it is Seoul, and we have to accept it because it is the capital city club. Their name includes the responsibility of being a K-League leading club.

In 2018, something shocking happened in Seoul. Seoul fell to Final B for the first time ever. In addition, they went all the way to the promotion playoffs. It was Seoul that narrowly escaped relegation.

Almost all fans and pundits were shocked. The pride of Seoul collapsed, and the pride of Seoul fans also collapsed. How to find lessons in failure. With the hope that this will be the first and last time, I made a promise to the next one.

But that hope was shattered. It was a repeat of a nightmare. I thought it would be good for 3rd place in the 2019 season, but it fell to 9th place in the 2020 season, 7th place in the 2021 season, 9th place in the 2022 season, and 3 consecutive seasons in Final B. It’s an embarrassing score.

I was shocked the first time I fell, but not after that스포츠토토. Too often, the feeling of familiarity is deeply embedded. Now, no one is surprised that Seoul fell to Final B. In recent years, Seoul has changed the world by itself.

The 2023 season has arrived. Seoul promised a different look. Coach Ahn Ik-soo and Seoul’s players were convinced that this year would be a year to regain the lost pride of Seoul. It was a determined determination to return to a world where everyone would be shocked if Seoul crashed into Final B.

Director Ahn, who attended the ‘FC Seoul Winter Training Media Camp’ held at the HJ Convention Center in Gangdong on the 22nd, said, “The most important part is the fans’ shouts and needs. I will work hard until it is met. Pride in Seoul. For the sake of these great fans, we will catch up on both the results and content. This is the way Seoul should go,” he emphasized.

Joining Hwang Ui-jo. Seoul is a key driving force that can change the world. He said, “I know the football that Seoul aims for. We will win many matches and show fans interesting matches. We will definitely win the Super Match against Suwon Samsung, Jeonbuk Hyundai and Ulsan Hyundai, etc., and make good memories for our fans. will make it,” he promised.

Na Sang-ho also appealed to the changed Seoul. He said, “You can see how strong Seoul has become by watching the opening game. There is (Hwang) Eui-jo, and all players have the conditions to create synergy. You can look forward to this season. will also follow. The squad is not pushed behind by Ulsan and Jeonbuk. I want to win against both teams.”

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