Women’s professional volleyball hit the box office this season.

According to the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) on the 5th, 14 male and female clubs recorded an average of 1,890 spectators until the third round, the halfway point. The average number of spectators for the season has recovered to about 82% of the 2019-20 season before the outbreak of Corona 19.

In particular, more spectators came to the women’s game. The women’s division recorded 149,215 spectators until the third round, ahead of the men’s division (88,869) by more than 60,000. The average number of spectators per game for the women’s division was 2368, and the average number of spectators for the men’s division was 1411.

In particular, the effect of Heungkuk Life Insurance Kim Yeon-kyung, who returned to the domestic stage after a year, was great. The top 5 most spectators in the first half were all home games of Heungkuk Life Insurance. Heungkuk Life Insurance sold out 5,800 seats in the Korea Expressway Corporation in the first round and the IBK Industrial Bank in the third round. 메이저놀이터

Even in TV ratings, the women’s division far outstripped the men’s division. The women’s division recorded 1.05%, leading in viewership ratings by nearly twice that of the men’s (0.58%). The highest viewer rating for the women’s division was the KGC Ginseng Corporation-Hyundai Construction Exhibition held on Christmas last year, recording 1.61%.

Hyundai E&C, which is in first place in the women’s division with a record of 17 wins and 2 losses this season, has set various new records. Hyundai E&C has achieved the record of 15 consecutive wins at the league opening, the most in the season with 16 consecutive wins, and the most at home with 23 consecutive wins.

On the other hand, the lowest ranked Pepper Savings Bank recorded the most consecutive losses in the opening season with 17 consecutive losses and the most consecutive losses in history with 20 consecutive losses. Pepper Savings Bank won the first victory of the season by defeating the road construction on the last day of last year.