‘World’s highest paid manager’ Conte “You have to work as much as you get paid”

The coach who gets the most money points out that the players are unprofessional.

Tottenham’s infighting is not serious. 바카라사이트The beginning was a military affair that continued this season. It has fallen out of the UEFA Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup, and it is difficult to rise to the top in the Premier League.

After that, Richarlison, who had been pushed back from the starting lineup, openly shot manager Antonio Conte. “I don’t know why I’m coming off the bench. Even though I’ve proven my skills, they don’t keep sending me to the starting lineup. I’ll see how Conte will react to my words,” he said explosively.

The performance has not rebounded, and it is not easy to keep the 4th place in the league now. 5th placed Newcastle United have played two fewer games than Tottenham, but the difference is only two points.

In addition, rumors of team ace Harry Kane’s constant transfer and manager replacement were added. Tottenham decided not to renew the contract with manager Conte, whose contract expires at the end of this season.

I wondered if there would be a bigger crisis, but manager Conte poured oil into the burning house. At an official press conference after a 3-3 draw with Southampton, the league’s last team on the 19th (Korean time), “The players are too selfish. There is no sense of responsibility. Each one does what he wants to do,” he said. “They get a lot of money from the club. “We have to think about the fans who buy tickets and come to the game. They don’t try to play under pressure, they just look for something easy. Even if the manager changes, if the squad stays the same, Tottenham won’t change,” he criticized the squad intensely.

Conte’s remarks sparked Tottenham’s infighting. Some players want Conte fired.

Above all, Conte’s criticism of “you have to do as much as you get paid” should have been directed at himself, not the players. Because he is the highest paid manager in the world.

The money he receives from Tottenham a year is 15 million pounds (about 24 billion won). Criticism is strong that it is an irresponsible interview as a coach for only reprimanding the players’ mentality without talking about the failure of strategy and tactics or the mismanagement of players.

The British media’Daily Mail’ also said, “I understand Conte’s dissatisfaction, but he shouldn’t have said that in public. I will consider dismissal.”

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