Yankees Torres, who avoided the salary adjustment of ‘9.95 million dollars’, the trade embers remain

New York Yankees infielder Glaber Torres (27) signed a one-year contract without an annual salary adjustment. 

On the 30th (Korean time), the official website of Major League Baseball, ‘MLB.com’, reported that the Yankees agreed to a one-year, $9.95 million contract with Torres to avoid salary adjustments. As a result, the Yankees have completed contracts with all players eligible for salary arbitration. 

Originally, Torres asked for $10.2 million, and the Yankees offered $9.7 million, but they agreed at the midway point. Torres, who is in her second year of eligibility to apply for salary adjustment, received an amount of $3.7 million, up from $6.25 million last year. After the season next year, he will become a free agent. 

Venezuelan right-handed infielder Torres has been selected as an All-Star for two consecutive years since his debut in 2018. In his first year of debut 먹튀검증 in 2018, he hit 24 home runs, ranking third in the American League Rookie of the Year. 

He originally had a second baseman position, but after becoming a full-time shortstop in 2020-2021, his performance stagnated. However, he returned to second base last year and rebounded with a batting average of .257, 24 homers, 76 RBIs, and an OPS of .761 in 140 games. 

He signed a salary deal with the Yankees, but the Torres trade embers linger. While DJ LeMayhew, who suffered a toe injury at the end of last year, recovered, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman predicted Josh Donaldson as the starting third baseman. When LeMayhew enters second base as his primary position, Torres’s place becomes elusive. 

The Yankees have prospects Oswald Peraza and Anthony Wolf in addition to Isaiah Cainer-Faleppa, who joined last year as a shortstop. Rumors of a Torres trade are constantly emerging as there are many prospects and redundant powers in the infield. The Yankees also reviewed the possibility of trading an infielder, but no specific circumstances have been released yet. 

Even during the trade deadline last summer, the Yankees discussed a deal with the Miami Marlins for Torres. At the time, Miami offered starting pitcher Pablo Lopez and shortstop Miguel Rojas in terms of trade, but the Yankees rejected them. Lopez and Rojas were traded to the Minnesota Twins and Los Angeles Dodgers, respectively, this offseason.

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