Your Powder Weekend

I’ve just been informed that yesterday was Pi Day, named for the date (3/14 — 3.14 — get it?). You celebrate this mathematical holiday by sharing a pie of your choice with some friends or family. Or eating one yourself. So, I should have been stuffing my face full of glorious apple, blueberry, cherry and any other kind of delicious baked fruity treat on the market all day. You see, I love pie, and any obscure occasion where it’s publicly acceptable to consume an exorbitant amount of it, is okay by me. I say publicly because what’s to say I don’t already do this on the regular? Go ahead, judge me. You’ll never know.

So, what does this have to do with skiing and riding? Glad you asked. Not a thing. I just really like talking about pie. And now I’m a little hungry…

Moving on!

Sadly, I couldn’t eat any pie because I was a little busy getting swallowed up by Vulcan’s gift of powder. Two feet of it, to be exact. Floating, dipping, flying through it – we were doing it all up here yesterday, and likely will be all weekend. Trust me, there’s plenty of snow to go around. And, with that, let’s get into the nitty gritty of your weekend update.

How’s the snow?
Really??? We just got 34″ in the last week! If you have to ask…

Trails of the weekend, alphabetized for your convenience: Adam’s Solitude, Bolton Outlaw, Old Turnpike, Preacher, Vermont 200 & Vista Glades

Ah, now here’s a question worth asking, and an answer worth talking about.

Yesterday, it was quite pleasant outside. We expected wind, got none, and even saw some intermittent sunshine. Temps were in the 20’s and everyone was happy. Today, we’re raising the mercury about 10 more degrees and locking the sun away for sure. Because we can’t just hand you a perfect weekend. At least not until Sunday.

Sunday, oh Sunday. If you’re lucky, we’ll give you back partly sunny skies, but only if you dress for January temperatures again. Yep, expect it to hover in the single digits, but I do think it will stay above zero before wind chill. Speaking of wind, we’re reeeaaalllyyyyy hoping it stays out of our way this weekend. Nobody likes you, wind. Just go away.

Grooming & Parks
After a powder day, creating a grooming plan becomes much more strategic. You can’t just pack it all down, because then you’re wasting a perfectly good waist-deep paradise, but you can’t leave it all untouched either. When you do that, it’s easily affected by winds and skier traffic, and it’s wicked easy to get stuck. Not to mention, some people don’t like skiing deep powder. Therefore, our award-winning pilots are generally trying to pack down all the trail runouts, flat areas and wind-threatened portions of the slopes, while still leaving great stashes around. What you end up with is half-groomed and half-powpow on most of the trails, and a handful have bumps as well메이저놀이터. It sets us up well for spring skiing, gives everyone an easier way down and still gives powderhounds their day in the whiteroom.

Parks! If you love parks, you’re going to LOVE this weekend. Anthony and the crew worked overtime yesterday and completely rebuilt BOTH terrain parks. To give you an idea how difficult this is, imagine digging out your car in the morning. Then imagine having to dig out everyone’s car in our parking lot. Twice. By yourself… It’s not easy, so show those guys some love if you see them. Both parks will be open today, and Sunday is our Night Riders Final! The all-day extravaganza begins at 11 a.m. and if you’ve never watched a freestyle competition before, I highly recommend you check this one out. These kids can BOOST!

What’s Going On?!?
Bolton After Dark: $19 night skiing on Saturday evening, followed by $2 pizza slices and sodas at Fireside Flatbread.
JMT Entertainment: Peter Gosseling will liven up the Tavern this evening, so if you’re looking for something to do from 8-11 p.m. – check out some live music. Magic Hat #9 will be on special from the tap.
Skier & Rider Appreciation Day: This one is all about you guys! We’ve lined up events and discounts on Sunday, March 16, as a way say thank you to everyone for another great season. Balloons, freestyle competitions, free beer – we’ve got it all going on this Sunday, so come enjoy the snow with us!
50/50 Mondays: Guests over 50 years of age receive 50% off every Monday at the following locations: Lift tickets, BV Sports, rentals, Ski & Ride School group lessons, JMT special lunch menu.

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